• Daniel Ethan Finneran

No Charges Against Officers Involved In Kenosha Man's Shooting

Prosecutors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a small mid-Western town in which one hundred thousand souls reside, declined to press charges on the police officers by whom Jacob Blake was shot.

Blake, a Black man twenty-seven years of age, paid a visit this summer to his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, a young, hitherto anonymous figure from whom he was estranged.

Their history is a troubled one: on multiple occasions, without her consent, he invited himself into her home, interrupted her day, and, heedless of her pleas, refused to depart. In need of transportation, he repeatedly availed himself of her car, of which, again without her consent, she was quite rudely dispossessed. And, if that weren’t sufficiently unsavory for your taste, he decided one morning to penetrate her generative organ with his fingers and, retreating from that most sensitive area with an accusatory tone, declared she’d been with other men. This, he did, while she lay in the very same bed in which their poor child slept.

Clearly, Blake and his ex-girlfriend were not on amicable terms. Indeed, she’d sought means by which their interactions might be reduced or prevented altogether. Unfortunately, her determination to do so lapsed. She permitted him to visit her house, if only briefly, and wish their child a “Happy Birthday”. As appears to be his custom, he refused to leave. She called the police, who soon arrived.

They attempted to detain him, but Blake resisted with remarkable strength. The tasers deployed on him were, to say the least, inefficacious, and he succumbed to them not. Impatient of his pursuers, he attempted to enter his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle, in which three children sat, on whose floorboard, a conveniently-placed knife awaited his reach.

He was repeatedly encouraged to stop resisting arrest. He did not. He was repeatedly urged to submit to more peaceable means of submission. He refused. He was sternly commanded to drop the weapon around which, fatefully, he decided to wrap his hand. This, he ignored, and was shot in the back and the flank for his rather stubborn demeanor and his unwillingness to relent.

Both parties, the police officers and Blake, have been relieved of all suspicion and are free, at least for the moment, from prosecution.

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