• Daniel Ethan Finneran

President Trump Impeached

In the House of Representatives on Wednesday, exactly one week in advance of day on which, formally, and to the great jubilation of those by whom he’s opposed, his tenure will expire, President Trump was impeached.

Normally, the impeachment of a president by whom some alleged misdeed has been committed or, for that matter, of any sitting public official at whom the Congress has come to look askance, is preceded by a lengthy and thorough investigation. A special counsel is roused from the quiet tranquility of his slumber, a group of attorneys is enticed to scrutinize the case, and the public is convinced of the propriety of the move, and assured of its salutary ramifications.

These, of course, are abnormal times. All of those above-mentioned superfluities were, unsurprisingly, abandoned in the heat of the moment, and those meddlesome customs of law for which, given the circumstance, we haven’t any time, were cast aside in favor of a quick vote. The article of impeachment on which the House of Representatives voted was but one. It accused the president, in light of his actions on the 6th of January, of “willful incitement of insurrection”.

Confident in the majority onto which, as we enter the new year after a grueling election season, it’s been given the opportunity to hold, the Democrat Party voted unanimously for the measure. Ten Republicans, undaunted by a lame-duck President’s ire, joined its side. All said, the vote was 232 in favor, and 197 opposed to this single article of impeachment. When it reconvenes, the Senate, the superior body of our bicameral legislature, will take up the issue.

Questions over this article’s legitimacy must be left to the legal scholars, a class of deeply-learned men and women to whose Constitutional expertise, we must now defer. For those questions which concern its propriety, the pundit is the definitive figure to whom we’ll eagerly turn our attention. We’ll await at his feet a dispassionate answer.

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