• Daniel Ethan Finneran

Some Executive Orders Of Which To Take Note

With so copious a discharge of Executive Orders, one would be surprised to learn of a single area left untouched by the plentitude of their showers, an overlooked field, perhaps, upon which President Biden’s sweeping deluge failed to fall. It seems, to the contrary, that no aspect of public life has evaded his executive rainfall.

Executive Orders were issued on the following subjects: The Wuhan Virus, or COVID-19; the economy at large; the universities in particular; the climate, as it pertains to our international commitments and our domestic endeavors; racial justice; the naughty “1776 Commission”; LGBT rights; and, that thorniest of issues, immigration. All this, without a peep from a quiescent Congress from whom, we can be assured at this early but unpropitious stage, very little action is to be expected.

President Biden, with the stroke of a pen, revoked the federal permit on which the Keystone XL pipeline was dependent.

In a flash, this transnational pipeline, through which innumerable gallons of Canadian oil flowed, and by which many American jobs in the Midwest were created, was abandoned. Its current maintenance, to which the efforts of those tens of thousands of workers were so industriously applied, has been peremptorily suspended, and its future construction is very much in danger. Climate activists are celebrating that fact, while those without a paycheck lament the loss.

The President has also re-affirmed the inviolability of public land. Under his administration, and by his mandate, private companies will no longer be able to bid for contracts to extract fossil fuels from the areas over which our government exercises its uncontested claim. Such leases will be made, forthwith, unavailable, as we shift our focus away from the abundance of energy within our bowels, to cleaner things above us, like the wind, the rain, and the sun.

We’ll seek the renewed friendship of forgotten international bodies, distant allies from whom, at the insistence of President Trump, we so gracelessly absented ourselves. Such august bodies include the World Health Organization, by whose early wisdom and unfailing honesty in the fight against an Asiatic virus, we were never misled, and the Paris Climate Accord, to which every decent and environmentally-conscious nation (including China, North Korea, and Iran) ought to be a party.

I touch, of course, on but a few of Biden’s many Executive Orders. I fear listing them all would accomplish one of two things: incite you to anger, or hasten you to sleep.

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