• Daniel Ethan Finneran

The Lincoln Project Implodes

The widely-applauded and richly-endowed Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump movement into which nearly one hundred million dollars were eagerly sunk, has, for all intents and purposes, imploded.

Seldom does an organization, named after so unblemished a person, live up to the shining example and faultless character of the man to whom its title is owed. Never has this been truer than in the case of the Lincoln Project, an organization so deeply corrupt, so openly avaricious, and so profoundly unscrupulous, that the memory of the sixteenth, and perhaps greatest President of the United States is made, in some small way, to suffer.

The early conception of the Lincoln Project was admirable enough. Ostensibly, it sought to demarcate a line between conservatives of conscience (among whom, with no shortage of moral preening, its founders thought it fitting to number themselves), and those on the Right besotted by the dizzying aroma of a demagogue called Trump.

Their initial critique of the forty-fifth president was, on the whole, fair. The administrative failures and personality flaws upon which he couldn’t improve were ripe for their picking. The problem was that these insatiable political vultures overfilled their gullets. They over-exaggerated Trump’s missteps, enlarged his shortcomings, dramatized a future with him at the helm, and derided the millions of people with whom he’d established so intimate a bond.

They presented themselves as the morally-superior, self-righteous, honest alternative to the irremediably depraved and deceitful Trump. They existed, at least in their own minds, as the party by whom conservative principles would be not just saved, but restored. They were intervening with the goal of re-discovering the ethical path from which, under the confused guidance of a swerving Trump, they’d so blindly strayed. They thought themselves injured by this president’s tenure, and hoped to deliver a remedy to those who felt themselves likewise abused.

The trouble is, much as we were encouraged to admire their spotless virtue, and, having done so, contribute to their cause, they were more sinning than sinned against.

The Lincoln Project’s co-founder, John Weaver, was known to have indulged his pederast’s fancy. Occasionally, this unwholesome perversion would yield to outright pedophilia. Scores of lascivious texts under his authorship were released to the public, obscene messages at which both prude and profligate couldn’t help but cringe. Their language would be injurious to even the most refractory of ears, those hardened organs through which comparable filth seldom flows.

The nature of his sexual exploits was, to use that most detestable term, an “open secret” among the political and media class—a fact known by all, but censured by none. When, finally, his behavior did come to stimulate the public’s contempt, it was deliberately after the presidential election—when the Lincoln Projects goal was achieved.

Other founding members, having no taste for Weaver’s pederasty, satisfied their cupidity instead. Men like Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson became fabulously wealthy by courting Democrats and robbing Republicans. With their newfound wealth, they were able to purchase million-dollar homes, million-dollar yachts, and invaluable prestige.

At least one of these things, the last, has vanished before their eyes.

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